Prestigious Music Lessons in Staffordshire

Amadeus is a music school of fine repute. We offer excellent tuition in all manner of musical taste and style. There are instructors of extensive experience in many different instruments from all genres. All music lessons in Staffordshire will cover the basic principles of essential learning such as understanding music notation, sight reading, aural training and chord recognition. Building a solid foundation in these skills will ensure a successful start to a proficient musical career.

Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Staffordshire

Learning how to play the piano can be a source of joy and is a skill which can be drawn upon throughout a lifetime. Amadeus music school has a wealth of experience which is imparted through our all inclusive piano and keyboard lessons in Staffordshire. These lessons cover all piano learning basics, such as correct posture, note reading, and rhythm exercises including metronome work, dynamic control and pedalling, to name just a few.

Guitar Lessons in Staffordshire

Our guitar lessons in Staffordshire are tailored around the interests and likes of the student. We aim to make guitar lessons in Staffordshire relaxed and enjoyable. In order to get the most out of your lessons our instructors try to teach you styles and pieces of music which particularly appeals to you. You will also be guided through the skills of finger plucking and strumming as well as familiarisation with well-known riffs. If you decide to take examinations in the subject we will do our best to make sure you are well prepared and confident.

Singing Lessons in Staffordshire

Amadeus Music Academy provides professional singing lessons in Staffordshire. We encourage learning to not only work within your boundaries but to also explore your potential and true capabilities. You will be trained thoroughly in techniques such as correct breathing, posture and microphone handling. We can also completely equip you for any examinations which you might like to take.

Saxophone Lessons in Staffordshire

Learning to play the saxophone can be a challenging task, it requires qualities like patience and immense determination. The mastery of learning to play such an instrument are vastly improved when you notice yourself achieving smaller goals. Our saxophone lessons in Staffordshire can provide you with a basis which to set these goals by and when you notice your improvement, will be certain to feel inspired and encouraged. Through the saxophone lessons in Staffordshire you will learn how to perfect breathing techniques and finger control as well as music notation and individual expression. Our aim is to enthuse in you a passion for learning and an enjoyment of playing your selected instrument.

Clarinet Lessons in Staffordshire

The clarinet lessons in Staffordshire which we provide are fun, relaxed and professional. We understand that pupils learn best in a relaxed, supportive environment and we do our best to make our clarinet lessons in Staffordshire as enjoyable as possible. All the basic areas of learning are covered and if you wish to pursue examinations then we can tailor your clarinet lessons in Staffordshire to prepare you for a successful pass.

Violin Lessons in Staffordshire

There is no argument that the violin is one of the most beautiful, if not difficult to learn among the many instruments. Amadeus music school can make sure that you get the most from your violin lessons. Our instructors will impart much of their enthusiasm and skill by practising various facets of good music foundation. This includes aspects such as proper posture, bowing techniques, finger plucking and musical expression. Our violin lessons are of the highest calibre and if you wish to sit exams will be thoroughly prepared for them.

What our students say:

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