Student Testimonials

Throughout the years we have grown rapidly with a team of friendly and professional teachers and staff working together to make sure all the students are satisfied with our services.

Here are the comments from some of our students.

Student’s Name: Joshua
Age:8 years old
Instruments: Guitar lesson

"Amadeus Music Academy is a really friendly and professional Company, I am very impressed with the service and welcoming atmosphere, it’s a lovely place to take your children to learn music and the tutor was very patient with my son who is only 8 and learning to play the guitar. I would highly recommend Amadeus Music Academy "


Student’s Name: Isobelle
Age: 14 years old
Instruments: Piano lesson + Saxophone lesson + Singing lesson

"Very Friendly and professional music school. Isobelle always enjoys her lessons. She has passed several grades with her piano teacher who is very approachable and knowledgeable . She is committed to getting the best results from her students and is willing to put in extra time in the run up to an exam in order to achieve the best result possible. Isobelle has developed a real interest in playing, composing and theory which can be largely attributed to her teacher’s versatile approach. "

Mrs Copp

Student’s Name: Eloise
Age: 15 years old
Instrument: Singing lesson

"Very professional and relaxed environment. Good service and a very high quality of tuition. Affordability means their services are accessible to all, good parking near by and a bright and pleasant waiting area for parents. Many thanks for helping my child develop and continue to enjoy her singing."

Mrs Myatt

Student’s Name: Paula E
Age: 17 years old
Instrument: Piano lesson

"Amadeus Music Academy has not only increased my confidence but it has also enhanced my skills and knowledge in playing the piano. I have been attending piano lessons for years at Amadeus and the atmosphere is great and the staff are really friendly."

Paula E

Student’s Name: Shreya and Yash
Ages: 16 years old + 10 years old
Instruments: Singing lesson + guitar lesson

"I find your centre very friendly and well organised with good enthusiastic teachers. My children are enjoying their lessons. Thanks. "


Student’s Name: Hiya
Age:7 years old
Instrument: Piano lesson

"Amadeus is a lovely, friendly place. My daughter loves her lesson with her teacher. She has done extremely well under her guidance. I am grateful to Amadeus for their guidance. Thank you. "


Student’s Name: Naomi
Instrument: Piano lesson

"We couldn’t be more pleased with Amadeus Music Academy. Everyone is very prefessional yet friendly and welcoming too. The piano teacher is extremely talented and is a superb motivator. We highly recommend Amadeus Music Academy."


Student’s Name: Grace+ Patrick
Ages: 11 years old + 9 years old
Instruments: Singing lesson + Guitar lesson

"Warm, friendly atmosphere. Always made to feel welcome. Offered tea & coffee on arrival. Children enjoy relaxed classes. A good relatonship with their tutors. Have come on significantly in the years they have been attending. WE HAVE FUN!"


Student’s Name: Ellie+ Molly
Ages: 9 years old + 10 years old
Instruments: Clarinet lesson + Piano lesson

"Wonderful teaching, very friendly atmosphere. Our daughters continue to achieve excellent progress with their instruments. The quality of teaching is excellent and Ellie always enthuses about her lessons. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you!!!"


Student’s Name: Rebecca+ Natasha
Ages: 17 years old + 12 years old
Instruments: Violin lesson + Keyboard lesson + Piano lesson

"We are extremely happy with the service that you provide. You keep us informed well of their progress, and of any changes you may need to make. They both like coming to their lessons and very happy with their teachers and the results that they obtain in the examinations. Excellent value for money."


Student’s Name: Mike
Age: 20 years old
Instrument: Piano lesson

"Since starting my piano lesson approximately 15 months ago I have found there to be only positive points in regard to this short Testimonial. I have met and spoken to all tutors and I have found them all to be friendly and approachable. Amadeus have always been able to help whether its cancelling a lesson or arriving late. The reception team have been very supportive and have helped me where ever then can.

I have received excellent tuition from my tutor, and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change her for anyone else.When I first started to learn I didn’t even know where middle C was on the piano 😉 and now I am planning to take my grade 3 at the end of this year. My only regret is that I didn’t start learning sooner.

(should I ever become the best I can be, Amadeus will have made a share in making it so.)"


Student’s Name: Ginny+ Mick+ Patrick
Ages: Mum+ Dad+ Son
Instruments: Saxophone lesson + Guitar lesson

"All the tutors are very friendly towards us, helping us understand the music and rhythm. There is no pressure to facing grades and the emphasis is on enjoyment. All the time encouragement is given when needed. What a great way to spend 30 mins each week, carry on the great work. "


Student’s Name: Molly
Age: Teenager
Instruments: Singing lesson + Piano lesson

"Amadeus Music is really fun and enjoyable, I am really pleased with the lessons my Teacher gives me, especially as she helped me pass my Grade 1 Piano with distinction. The receptionist is very funny and entertaining.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a great big THANKYOU to everyone at Amadeus Music Academy."


Student’s Name: Joe
Age: Teenager
Instrument: Piano lesson

"I personally feel that the piano teacher is wonderful and extremely conscientious and efficient in her approach. As a business I really enjoy my visits and find it very friendly with the receptionist being a true professional but humorous at the same time."


Student’s Name: Jack+ Mike
Ages: 11 years old + 15 years old
Instruments: Violin lesson + Piano lesson

"We have always been happy with the high quality of teaching that both our boys receive. The staff are full of encouragement and have excellent teaching techniques making our children achieve their full potential! Thank you."


Student’s Name: Caitlin
Age: 7 years old
Instruments: Piano lesson + Singing lesson

"Caitlin really enjoys her lessons at Amadeus. Her teachers are approachable and positive which Caitlin responds well to. Caitlin is making progress too, which is clear to see when she shows me what she has been learning in class. Thank you."


Student’s Name: Jenny+ Emma
Ages: Mum+ Daughter
Instruments: Keyboard lesson + Piano lesson + Singing lesson

"It is a pleasure to have music lessons at the Amadeus Music Academy. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and teaching staff First Class! A facility to pay by Debit/ Credit card would be good.
Great magazines!"


Student’s Name: Joel+ Hannah
Ages: 10 years old + 13 years old
Instruments:Piano lesson + Guitar lesson

"A very professional and friendly music academy. Both my children love their music lessons and look forward to come every week. I am very happy with their development."


Student’s Name: Natasha+ Thomas
Ages: 9 years old + 6 years old
Instrument: Violin lesson

"Music academy- overall lovely friendly and supportive atmosphere, with a professional attitude towards learning etc. Lesson itself well structured. The violin teacher has a wonderful teaching style constructive and supporting, both children respond very positively to her.

We all really enjoyed the music concert, this is great way to see the students progress and the teachers in action! Well done."


Student’s Name: Karen
Age: 40 years old
Instrument: Saxophone lesson

"Well, when I heard that there was a music academy in Longton teaching amongst other things – the SAXOPHONE I was thrilled to bits and put my name down straight away. The first lesson was free and convinced me that this would definitely not be my last lesson! The young lady who teaches me has lots of experience and ability which she delights to pass on to me. I get great advice about breathing techniques and understanding the music notations, generally how to get the best out of my Saxophone and to enjoy playing it very much.

She often comments me which makes me feel better when I think I am completely useless, and encourages me to stretch myself, not staying in my comfort zone. She always pushes me on further and gets me to try out new pieces and styles of music and this keeps my interest very high.

The waiting room is comfortable and relaxed always with a friendly welcome when I arrive. It is often a busy place with young and older students coming and going learning their various preferred instrument. It is a happy environment.

I would recommend Amadeus – and have indeed done so many times, music is good for the soul to play an instrument and make music yourself is so therapeutic and makes you feel so much better and happier and who would want to say no to that?

Lots of people yearn to play a musical instrument and Amadeus Music Academy is here to help you do just that."


What our students say:

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