Covid-19 Measures

In light of the government advice , we request that all students follow the following guidelines:

1) Please arrive at the academy no more than 5mins before the lesson.

2) It is not mandatory to wear face covering during the lesson.

However we do ask people to wear one when entering/ waiting/ leaving Amadeus

3) On arrival and departure, please wash your hands or use the sanitizer provided.

4) There will be no parents permitted to sit in the lesson

In order to minimise the number of people at Amadeus, we ask all parents please wait in your car during the lesson.

However it is okay to wait in the reception to pick up your child 5mins before the lesson finishes.

If waiting in the car is not possible as you travel by public transport or being drop off, ONE ADULT ONLY is allowed waiting in the reception room.

5) Hot drink service is suspended.

6) We are continuing to reinforce our cleanliness measures, including but not limited to:

a) Using disinfectect spray on banister, buzzer panel and button, toilet facilities and reception chairs during the opening time.

b) All staff will wear face coverings or social distancing with 2 meters apart, and also wash or sanitize their hands regularly.

c) All necessary shared equipment like pianos, microphones etc will always be disinfected before being used by each student.

d) Windows will be opened during the lesson in summer time.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

What our students say:

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